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MCH Insurance Certificate and Youth Protection Compliance for MCH affiliate groups 2019-2020

Groups - tutorials re-enrolling with the MCH insurance certification and youth protection compliance requirements for the 2019-2020 school year - you MUST contact the MCH Director BEFORE the end of June for notification of continuance for the new school year. As you are well aware, MCH policy is early July through end of June, and MCH must be aware of plans to continue, as there is NO automatic rollover from year to year. NEW with 2019-2020 school year - MCH must receive half of the insurance certificate monies by 01 July for continuing for 2019-2020 school year. MCH had several groups 'skip' out on MCH insurance policy and compliance certification this past year, after MCH had done their policies and started their process, and then they decided not to form for the new school year, and MCH was stuck with the bills without any payment for these. So, as can imagine, now MCH must collect half of insurance coverage fees BEFORE insurance enrollment season so that MCH does not get stuck again with these issues. GROUPS - 1/2 of your insurance compliance costs are due before 25 June 2019.

Good news for the groups that were enrolled with the MCH insurance and youth protection compliance for 2018-2019 - because MCH went fully electronic for the 2018-2019 season, all current adults that will be returning with your group for 2019-2020 season that filed with MCH for 2018-2019, do not need to go through the entire compliance certification again, as these are all electronically on file! New families/new adults/returning adults that didn't do the certification - must still do the compliance certification process for 2019-2020 season. However, ALL returning and also the new families, are still required to fill in the ANNUAL MCH family membership online form (for returning families, this is the same electronic form as last school year, but you won't need to provide new compliance certification since that is on file). MCH family membership is only by annual school year basis; this does not automatically roll-over or automatically re-new each school year. Family membership must be re-enrolled every school year (as same as with our umbrella).


Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC is a certified facilitator with VIRTUS to provide Child Youth Protection training as might be needed for our member enrolled families.

We also require the criminal history background screening for youth protection certification. MCH is approved with the
CJIS to handle the background screening as part of this certification.

For info about certification, you will need to contact MCH using our Contact MCH Info page. No one can simply sign-up with VIRTUS using MCH certification, this is set-up specifically with approval by the MCH Director, and VIRTUS will not allow you to create your own account using MCH as your training.

However, MCH only provides certification screening for our member enrolled families as might be needed for a Catholic homeschooling parent that may not be able to receive such certification from their parish if they are not an active parish volunteer since parishes generally only offer the certification for active volunteers and employees.

MCH strongly encourages any adult to find out if they can receive screening through their parish first. MCH does not issue certification for any adult/person that does not pass the Child Youth Protection training or does not pass the criminal history background screening, so do not attempt to seek certification from MCH if you've already been denied elsewhere as MCH will not issue certification either.

Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC strictly follows the policies and procedures for Child and Youth Protection as set forth by the area diocese's and the USCCB and law enforcement.


Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC is a state-wide member group of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Any MCH family can join and renew their HSLDA membership using MCH as their member enrolled group to receive HSLDA membership discounts.

MCH always seeks legal guidance and opinion from HSLDA for any homeschooling issues and with Maryland Home Instruction COMAR issues.

MCH is insured using the HSLDA insurance recommendations as needed for our Child Youth protection compliance and Risk compliance.

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