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In contacting MCH - MCH is a private organization of member families, and we only provide services for our member families. MCH does not release family info or family data or contact info to anyone (without the expressed consent of that family member). MCH does not use contact info or collect family data for anything other than MCH official business. MCH does not contact anyone without that person having contacted us first. MCH is not a public business. Our website and contact site is secured and maintained by the respective companies that MCH uses for such info.

In contacting MCH about the Youth Protection compliance certification - this is available only to our private membership families, most especially for membership families of our affiliated groups needing such compliance certification to meet in specific locations requiring such compliance and insurance certification.

MCH planned closures / non-availability for business:

from September 04-October 19 - MCH will be in office only once weekly. It is a VERY busy time for new family conferences and new school year conferences. Expect spotty delays in email responses and replies. It is best to email, as especially as MCH does not answer any phone calls.

from September 29-October 07 - MCH office is closed. Expect a huge delay in any response during this timeframe.

from November 17 2018 - January 14 2019 -- MCH will be closed for the entire remaining year and early new year. MCH always closes this particular time of the year for spending time with family and friends with all the holidays, special events, vacations, and Holy Days. Expect a very huge delay in any response. If you are a MCH enrolled umbrella family, be sure to contact MCH either well before closing date or wait until MCH opens again. This is a personal private time of year, not a business time of year. For umbrella families, MCH will occasionally check emails for important updates.

MCH business hours of communication:

Folks - let's be realistic here - MCH is NOT available for communication 24 hours a day-seven days a week. The MCH Director - DOES have a life, does have a family, does homeschool too, and does have planned activities and events with family and friends and church, and also works part-time. DO NOT expect emails answered 24-7, it is not expected that emails will be answered over weekends or at night. MCH will answer emails within reasonably expected timeframes, and especially around the planned closures and non-availability for business times and days.

2018-2019 umbrella enrollment is closed.


MCH enrolled families - you will need to contact the MCH Director using the specific email address you were given with enrollment.

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