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2017-2018 MCH umbrella families - if you did not submit your 2018-2019 returning family re-enrollment by 25 May 2018, you are automatically filed with your public school district's home school office as not enrolled for 2018-2019. If you decide to enroll with MCH umbrella for 2018-2019 after this 25 May 2018 cut-off, you will be required to file with MCH as a new family, and will require all the same forms and fees as a new family enrollment application. You will need to contact us using the below inquiry form.

All families having submitted their 2018-2019 re-enrollment form and new families approved for 2018-2019 - you will receive your MCH umbrella enrollment verification over the summer. You will be filed as under our MCH umbrella for your home instruction supervision per MD COMAR with your public school district's home school office.

MCH has a limited number of umbrella openings for the 2018-2019 school year. You will need to use the below form to send us an inquiry. DO NOT DIRECTLY EMAIL THE MCH DIRECTOR FOR UMBRELLA INFO - YOU MUST FILL IN THE BELOW FORM.

 This is a very busy time of year with new enrollments and summer vacations.

MCH summer-time closures / non-availability for business:

from 22 June-09 July expect a huge delay in responses to emails, inquires, and applications

from 11 July-13 July expect a huge delay in response due to a family emergency - this WILL cause a delay in responses to those that contacted us for the 22 June-09 July vacation closure

Full-time summer closures will start mid-June and reopen during mid-August. However, during the summer months, we will still check emails occasionally, and will be updating and filing our reports and verifications as necessary for enrolled families.

In contacting MCH - MCH is a private organization of member families, and we only provide services for our member families. MCH does not release family info or family data or contact info to anyone (without the expressed consent of that family member). MCH does not use contact info or family data for anything other than MCH official business. MCH does not contact anyone without that person having contacted us first. MCH is not a public business. Our website and contact site is secured and maintained by the respective companies that MCH uses for such info.

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