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Information about Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers

Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC (MCH) is the large state-wide Catholic homeschool group of this state-wide resource organization of Maryland Area Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers (MarylandARCH).

We are the state-wide Catholic homeschooling organization covering the State of Maryland (which includes families in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Archdiocese of Washington (D.C.) and the Diocese of Wilmington). We also have families in Maryland's bordering states, as many Catholic homeschoolers live near state-lines and participate in activities and groups nearest them. We reach over 1200 Catholic homeschooling families on a daily basis, with a reach to over 2000 Catholic homeschool families for special occasions and announcements in and near Maryland, and to over 10,000 Catholic homeschool families nationwide for national announcements!

Although most of our current membership is that of Roman Catholic families, we have a growing membership of Catholic-Orthodox families. Please contact us about this too. We are also encouraging our current Catholic-Orthodox families to provide us info to include on this Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers website.

MCH families are faithful and loyal to the teachings of the Catholic church and traditions.

The purpose of MCH is to provide this support through our ever growing large network of Catholic homeschooling families and Catholic homeschool groups, and to provide aid and resources to Catholic parents as they fulfill their Vocation as the primary educators of their children.

MCH's Goals:
• To help strengthen our Catholic homeschooling families through support and resources
• To help promote and encourage Catholic values in our daily lives
• To foster and support Catholic vocations within our family, friends, and community
• To teach the traditions and history of the Catholic Church in our homeschooling
• To promote devotion to the Blessed Mother

MCH’s Resources Includes:
• This MarylandARCH state-wide resource website
• MCH is a nonpublic entity registered to supervise home instruction for our registered Catholic homeschool families
• Our MCH state-wide e-loop connection through our private email loop
• Our MCH chapter honor society
• Our MCH HSLDA discount group membership (Home School Legal Defense Association)
• Maryland Catholic homeschool conferences
• MCH offers leadership opportunities for our high school students through Archdiocesan programs and community programs

For further information about our MCH organization for Catholic homeschoolers registered in Maryland, and in finding out about the many Catholic homeschooling support groups and Catholic homeschool tutorials and cooperatives here in Maryland, please contact us using our  Contact MCH page using the tab on the left.

We have contacts all across the state to help you find local Catholic support groups and activities.

Joining MCH is the best way to receive all the info we send out of interest to Catholic homeschoolers. We send info on events and activities for homeschoolers, info for Catholic homeschoolers, and that of interest to Catholics. This public website only provides the basic of info for Catholic homeschooling here in Maryland. Our private membership group is where we post all the details! Membership for our private email group is free; there is a fee for our other services.

Visit us on Facebook at Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers
We post Catholic events and homeschooling info almost daily on our public Facebook page.

"Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area: they are educators because they are parents."  --Letter to Families, 1995, St. John Paul II

We are NO LONGER accepting umbrella enrollment applications for our MCH umbrella services for this 2018-2019 school year.

You can contact us if you'd like to be added to our private email loop - for homeschooling Catholic families only. Membership is by moderator approval only, generally referred to us by another member.

We offer Catholic homeschool resource information and Catholic home instruction oversight and review services only. We are not a Catholic tutorial program.

Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC (MCH) is a nonpublic entity registered to supervise home instruction for our registered Catholic homeschool families. MCH is a private non-public education ministry operated by the Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC.


MCH is registered with the Maryland State Department of Education to supervise home instruction (as an Umbrella entity) under Regulation .05 of the home instruction regulations, COMAR 13A.10.01 for Home Instruction in Maryland.

We are a Maryland state-wide Catholic homeschool organization dedicated to offering support, information, formation, and resources to our registered Catholic families in Maryland who choose to educate their Catholic children at home.

Contact us for:

·   Information about Catholic homeschooling in Maryland

·   Information to join our private Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers LLC (MCH) organization

·   Information about our MCH umbrella program to provide home instruction reviews for our MCH membership families

·   Information about the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

·   Information about our Youth Protection Training and Group Liability Insurance available only for MCH membership families


We do not list our private umbrella service information on this public site; you will need to contact us. We only accept Catholic families homeschooling in Maryland for our membership.


We are a private organization for Catholic homeschoolers in Maryland; we are not a registered tax-exempt or non-profit organization.

We do not provide secular homeschool instruction information, as we are a private Catholic homeschooling organization.


Contact us using our contact page on the left.


Did you know that there are 24 individual Catholic churches in union with Rome!?
article from on 3/30/18 by Larry Peterson

..... So today, there are 24 Catholic Churches, and they are grouped into eight different rites. (A rite being defined as the liturgical, spiritual, theological, and disciplinary heritage of the people of that church). It follows that since languages and customs and history were different, customs from the areas manifested themselves.

However, among the 24 Churches, Catholic dogma remained intact. Eastern Catholics (no matter what rite; Byzantine, Chaldean, Armenian, etc.),will not call themselves Roman Catholic. We know them as Ukrainian Catholics, Maronite Catholics, Greek-Catholic, etc. One thing is obvious and cannot be denied; The Catholic Church is truly a universal Church.

The following link will take you to the listing of Catholic Rites and Churches throughout the world 


 Online resources offer home schooling parents support

  December 15, 2013


  By Elizabeth Lowe


  Twitter: @ReviewLowe

  When it was time for Tess Maseda to enter kindergarten, her mother, Sandra,
  decided to try home schooling.


  That was 18 years ago, before email, the Internet and smartphones became
  omnipresent in most people’s lives, offering a plethora of resources on virtually
  any topic at one’s fingertips.

In 2004, Sandra Maseda created - short for Maryland Area Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers (MarylandARCH) – a website which shares news, events, support groups and resources for Catholic home schooling families in the Archdioceses of Baltimore and Washington, and the Diocese of Wilmington.


She also started a group hosted on for Catholic home-schoolers in Maryland.


“I saw the need,” said Maseda, 52, a parishioner of St. Louis in Clarksville. “It’s the biggest thing, having the support, especially for the younger ones (home schooling parents). I’ve been through this.”


Maseda home-schooled Tess, who is now 22, and son Thomas, 20, through high school. She is home schooling her third child, Anthony, 13, who is in seventh grade.


“Once people get into the support groups it’s easier,” Maseda said. “It’s networking. That’s the huge change today from when I started. Home schooling has really grown and the support system has grown.”


Home schooling online groups were particularly helpful a decade ago, when Kathy Schmidt, a parishioner of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ellicott City, began home schooling her three sons, now in elementary, middle and high school.


“One was the practicalities of ‘this is how we do it,’ ” said Schmidt, 46. “Those practicalities gave me ideas I would not have thought of on my own or it would have taken me a while.”


Now, Schmidt uses online resources, including the Baltimore-Washington Home Educators Yahoo group, for information about field trips and special events.


“I still need support,” she said. “It’s (a) different kind of support I get now.”


Cathy Sitzwohl, a parishioner of St. John the Evangelist in Severna Park, is active with MarylandARCH and other groups.


“They’re great for keeping in touch, asking questions, getting support,” said Sitzwohl, who home schools daughter Mary Anne, 7, and son Matthew, 6. “It’s a good way for moms to connect with other moms who have children of the same age to get their children together. Various events that come up are posted. People will share information about a great field trip they’ve been on.”


Sitzwohl, who got involved with online groups well before she began home schooling her children in kindergarten, calls them “very helpful.”


“It was my first means of communication with home-schoolers,” said Sitzwohl, 48, who noted Mary Anne is in second grade and Matthew is in first grade. “It’s a great way to reach people when having questions or doubts. You can send it (a query) out to the group, people will respond to it. It would be more challenging and more difficult and a step back to do without them. It would be like going back to the 20th century.”

The Homeschool Mom site lists a number of resources for homeschoolers looking for activities around Maryland - including sports and music opportunities for homeschoolers.

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                                                Maryland Catholic Homeschoolers is an approved state-wide member group of HSLDA.

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